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Root Canals are not what they used to be. State-of-the-art technology supports a painless approach, with greater success

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Dr Ron Ganik’s Advanced Endodontics of New York® practice offers highly specialized root canal services with the patients’ comfort in mind. Painless root canals are our specialty.

Painless Root Canals … our specialty.

We specialize in conventional and microendodontic surgery, root canals, apicoectomies, conscious sedation, tissue regeneration and more. We answer the question, “do I need a root canal?” when a patients report tooth ache; we do so in an understandable manner. We realize that patients fear root canals, so we explain how root canals can be painless.

Dr. Ganik’s practice utilizes advanced technology to help save teeth, while helping patients to have a clear understanding of their situation and the treatment options that can be pursued. With all our state-of-the-art office and highly skill abilities, we show patients that root canals do not need to be painful.

When it comes to Advanced Endodontics of New York®, we are second to none, as indicated by our patients’ rave reviews. You can read about how painless root canals have been achieved from our previous patients.

We are a patient-friendly dental office and are sensitive to the current difficult economic climate. Therefore, we accept dental insurance.

We are conveniently located near Grand Central Station, New York. We are easily accessible to New Jersey,  Queens, Bronx, and all areas of Manhattan.

Conveniently located near Grand Central Station

Ron Ganik DDS
Ron Ganik, DDS

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A TRULY GREAT EXPERIENCE! Brilliantly solved my problem! Ron Ganik DDS is absolutely brilliant! He diagnosed my unusual problem quickly with the accuracy of a scientist, and recommended the best possible solution with ease, when a large number of other oral surgeons were completely stumped. His office is vey friendly, impressively high tech, and very professional. He kindly accepted my insurance, too! He is the absolute BEST professional you will ever find in the business!

***** Karen S.

A Futuristic Wow!

Withstanding the yellow streak down my back, I have never had such a painless dental experience. Dr. Ganik treated me like a person, and not just as a set of teeth. He went out of his way to see to my comfort and explained beforehand, my options and the procedure. His impressively cutting-edge equipment delivered precise results AND he even texted me the evening of my root canal to see how I was feeling, who does that?!

***** Elizabeth S.

Our Painless Approach is supported with our Advanced Technology. “When my dentist uses the DentalVibe during the injection process, I barely feel anything. It is amazing… This makes the whole … process easier and one less thing to stress over.”
***** Kim H.

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DentalVibe ®

Great Explanations!
I absolutely recommend Dr. Ganik and his staff. Not only did they get me in within a week but they got all the insurance sorted out too. Dr. Ganik is such a personable, educational and professional Doctor. He took the time to get to know me and my dental situation. He showed me what was going on, what he was going to do and how to care for my root canal afterwards. Dr. Ganik explained so much about the meds I was taking and how to combat side effects and other potential issues. I was nervous at first but he put my mind at ease. He is gentle and really goes the extra step to make you comfortable and safe. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone!!!

***** Molly L

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