Dr. Ron Ganik Lectures

Dr. Ron Ganik lectures on many topics at seminars and study clubs. Some of his latest presentations include the following.  Dr. Ron Ganik welcomes the opportunity to present at additional speaking engagements. He may be contacted at his office to discuss this further.

  • Most recently, “The Apicoectomy – It’s the Conservative Approach”
  • “The Mechanisms of Referred Pain and Hyperalgesia … an Endodontist’s Perspective”
  • “Endodontic Retreatment … A Second Chance”
  • “Microsurgery in endodontics: contemporary techniques and materials”
  • “Contemporary disinfection strategies in endodontics”
  • “Controversy: one vs. two appointments in endodontic therapies”
  • “Enhanced radiographic interpretations”



I had an infected root canal and Dr. Ganik explained everything in great detail before he peered down into my tooth with his hi-tech microscope. Even though he gave me two different prescriptions for antibiotics and pain, I did not require any medication at all.

***** Issac B.

Meticulous, high-tech and located conveniently. What a great experience.

I was comfortable – from the moment I entered Dr. Ganik’s office, starting with his affable assistant, then to the patient chair, where he painlessly administered Novocaine with a high-tech needle, until he had finished. All his equipment was the very latest. He not only explained in clear terms what he would do, but also what I could expect in terms of an outcome. Best of all, I felt he was totally thorough.

***** Patricia C.