I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ganik.

Dr Ganik is fantastic.
His office and team are perfect! He is thorough, efficient, practical, and reasonably priced.
Superb at educating the patient about the nature of the problem, and suggesting best options. An excellent professional!

Ron Ganik DDS is absolutely brilliant!
He diagnosed my unusual problem quickly with the accuracy of a scientist, and recommended the best possible solution with ease, when a large number of other oral surgeons were completely stumped. His office is vey friendly, impressively high tech, and very professional. He kindly accepted my insurance, too! He is the absolute BEST professional you will ever find in the business!

Dr. Ganik is truly a caring and professional D.D.S.
Prior to my procedure, he explained exactly what was currently causing my symptoms and thoroughly described exactly how he would go about performing what needed to be done. The procedure was painless and exactly as he described it would be. Afterwards, he went to great lengths – even communicating with me on a Saturday morning – to make sure I was comfortable and everything was okay. I would highly recommend Dr. Ganik for anyone needing endodontic work. Linda (office manager???) is pretty awesome too. She’s always very responsive to my billing questions and needs. Overall, I had a great experience at Dr. Ganik’s practice.

Dr. Ganik is as good as it gets
– caring, meticulous, thorough, accommodating and each patient is treated like his only patient! Wonderful office staff is another plus!

I am very happy with the quality of care and service that I received.
Dr. Ganik and his assistant Elena were very professional and pleasant.

Dr Ganik and Linda were wonderful throughout my apicoectomy.
Dr Ganik is professional, thorough and has a great bedside manner. His follow-up calls are very much appreciated. I would highly recommend Dr Ganik for all of your endodontic needs.

I would like to take a moment and thank Dr.Ron and his team.
They were splendid and my experience with them is beyond any words to express. My treatment of an existing mess(root canal from a different doctor) was done with no pain, smooth and no complication whatsoever. They instructed me well about after care and I was taken totally by surprise when I received a follow-up call by the Doctor himself checking on how I was doing? That was a steal and very thoughtful of him. No one in today’s world would do that. So I really recommend people to go to Dr.Ron for a painless treatment!..

Thorough and caring doctor and office staff!
I highly recommend Dr. Ganik! He even texted me the night of my root canal to make sure I was ok. Now that’s customer service!!

Dr. Ron is very experienced and professional in his field.
They have very advanced equipment for examination in the clinic which accurately diagnose the problem of my tooth. They wont push patient to do any thing unless the patient is ready for it. Overall I had a very good experience and I am willing to spend my dollar for the service they provide.

Before Dr. Ganik start procedure he explained every detail to the letter
Left the office after the procedure with no pain , next day still no pain did not have to take any pain medication , I will gladly highly recommend Dr. Ganik.

I was delighted and very happy with the quality of care and service that I received. I love you guys.
Dr. Ganik and his assistant, Linda, took good care of me. I left there with a big smile on my face and in my heart as well knowing that I received great quality care. I will be certain to refer people to you. Keep doing what you do best.

Dr Ganik is extremely professional, and clearly very good at what he does.
His number one priority is ensuring that his patient is comfortable and pain-free throughout the entire process. He is thorough, does things the right way, and follows up with you to make sure your recovery is seamless. I’m glad to have been referred to Dr. Ganik and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an endodontist in NYC. Professional, pleasant and informative!

Dr. Ganik was professional and extremely informative.
His charges were very reasonable.

What a great experience!!
Got my first root canal, No other dentist can do it better.

Painless Dentist all the way! Thank you

A true dental professional!
The good doctor gave me honest advice about where to go next, purely professional and not driven at all by what would have been the best for his own “business”.

Extremely professional and personal service.
received objective opinion on my dental health based on what’s best for me and not what will bring most revenue to the dentist. I am grateful to have been referred to dr.Ganik and will definitely be back for my root canal. Dr Ganik was wonderful. He gave me a copy of the 3d dental scan that will be of help for dental implants. I highly recomend dr. Ganik and his dental practice. I am impressed and touched to recive such a great care. Thank you.

As pleasant as any dental appt can be.

No pain. Thank you.!
I would like to thank Dr. Ganik and his assistant for excellent care given to me during my Apico surgery. For the first time ever, I had no pain during dental surgery. . Liz . .

I would definitely recommend Dr. Ganik.
The doctor was very attentive and provided a detailed explanation of my situation. He took his time and helped me to understand what was happening in my particular case. His expertise is quite eveident and the office staff is very pleasant and very competent as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Dr. Ganik is that rare mix of professional competence and compassion that is really hard to find in a health care provider. He explained the procedure to me so thoroughly that I thought I could do it myself. His staff is great and I have never experienced such personal follow-up before (over a holiday weekend no less) from any doctor, much less dentist or endodontist.

Feel very confident with Dr. Ganik.
I came to Dr. Ganik with an enormous problem caused by malpractice of my previous dentist. Despite the complexity of my situation I feel pretty confident that Dr. Ganik will be able to help me.

Best dentist experience I have had!

This was my second root canal with Dr. Ganik, and both experiences were very positive.
He takes great care to make sure that you are not in pain during the procedure, and are as comfortable as possible. He follows up with texts to check up on how you are doing. The second root canal was done on a tooth that had a crown on it, so the crown had to be drilled through, but Dr. Ganik was very careful and the crown held up, so now I will only need to have my dentist seal it and won’t need to get a new crown. Both root canals were completed in a single visit. If I should need another root canal (though I hope I don’t, even though Dr. Ganik is an absolute pleasure to deal with), I know where I will be going.

EXCELLENT. The best in his field.
I have recommended a few friends and we still share our experiences regarding Dr. Ganik, but we have yet to find another word that surpasses EXCELLENT.

Intelligent, attentive, kind….what else can one ask for!

Dr. Ganik and all staff were extremely nice, understanding and explained the procedures and insurance well.
He did the best to minimize my discomfort and I was extremely pleased with the outcome of my root canal.

fantastic experience. no pain

Expertise that is empathetic and responsive. I look forward to seeing as little of Dr. Ganik as possible in the future. 🙂

Highly professional and attentioned doctor and nurses.

Dr. Ganik is a true craftsperson. outstanding work.
highly experienced and accomplished. very difficult procedure executed with skill and confidence

This was my second time with Dr. Ganik and as before, I had an excellent experience.
Apart from the fact that the procedure in and of itself wasn’t exactly fun and somewhat strenuous, he always made sure I was in no pain and he worked expeditiously and calmly. In addition, he has a very good rapport with his assistant who is also very experienced which helped keep a calm environment and contributed to me being more relaxed during the procedure. Everyone there is always very helpful and circumspect. The office/practice itself is equipped with state-of-the art technology. As a patient, you get lots of advice on how to prepare for the procedure and also how to handle pain, swelling and such afterwards which helped me a lot. It was also good to know that Dr. Ganik was accessible if need be. While I hope I never have to go through an apicoectomy again, I would always go back to him for this kind of surgery.

The exams were very thorough. Dr Ganik explained the situation to me in great detail.

Excellent service.

Professional, caring and patient friendly.
One of the rare experiences in NYC, when the dentist actually cares for your teeth and how to save them. Dr. Ganik took the time to explain me everything before the suggested procedure.


Very clinically oriented evaluating the entire patient.

Dr. Ganik and his staff were excellent.
The procedure was explained well and throughout he made sure I was comfortable – no pain – both during and after the procedure. My procedure was particularly lengthy (and late on a Friday afternoon no less) and Dr. Ganik was very patient and committed to my success. Highly recommended.


For a pain averse, slightly nervous patient, such as I am, Dr. Ganik is a G-dsend.
I have been his patient for many years, and had a back molar root canal yesterday. Painless, patient and methodical. One session treatment, no post issues. I could not recommend him more highly.


Excellent attention in every detail,
from the scheduling of an appointment to the follow up, all worked perfectly. The friendly and attentive staff at Dr. Ganik’s practice made it an enjoyable experience, make you feel at ease and complement the excelent care Dr. Ganik takes in dealing with the patient. Dr. Ganik also goes beyond the required, provides lots of information on the treatment and procedure to be performed and works so diligently that no pain was felt altogether. His staff are so attentive to all details and provide you with the proper support pre and post treatment.


Basically, it was an excellent experience.
The doctor and his dental assistant are competent and hospitable, (AND the second is rare in dental offices.) I had only a slight bit of pain at the end of the procedure and none later. My only negative comment is one I already mentioned to Dr. Ganik. I would have appreciated it if he had told me when he left for a time that he had to answer professional calls and maybe spend some time with another patient. This is done in physician’s offices often. And, although i don’t like the wait time, i understand that it is sometimes necessary. All I needed was to be correctly informed. I would highly recommend this doctor and his staff.


Dr. Ganik was very professional, friendly, and pain-free.
I was also impressed that he personally called me at the end of the day to see how I was doing.


The service was great from both the Dr. Ganik and his staff.

Very impressed

Other than his professionalism in Endodontics, Dr. Ganik took the time to explain to me about my problem, treated me with kindness and patience which is very rare among the physicians these days. I must be very impressed by Dr. Ganik that I kept his business card for a dozen years until I saw him again yesterday, 2/26/2013. 


He was awesome and pain free!!!!!

Thank you for being so efficient and honest about the work I needed.
I really appreciate that!


Caring and meticulous.
Explained the situation clearly. Polite and human approach.


My daughter had her first route canal yesterday, and the experience was unlike any other Dental visit ever~!
The office has a friendly feeling to it, Dr. Ganik explained everything he was going to do, and even spoke directly to my daughter, which she respected and kept her so calm, she almost fell asleep! while being given gas..she didnt feel a thing- His assistant gave me the insurance information calmly, and was so sincere and comforting throughout the procedure. Great place, highly recommended to anyone kids ever! even a nervous adult like me!!!

*****Maggie C


Withstanding the yellow streak down my back, I have never had such a painless dental experience. Dr. Ganik treated me like a person, and not just as a set of teeth. He went out of his way to see to my comfort and explained beforehand, my options and the procedure. His impressively cutting-edge equipment delivered precise results AND he even texted me the evening of my root canal to see how I was feeling, who does that?!

Dr. Ganik tops the dentists I have interacted with over the last 10 years in NYC! Thank you so much for a pain free experience with my root canals ! Amazing recovery. See you soon! Cheers’

Dr. Ganik excels on the service he and his assistant provides to the customers.

After first examining me and taking a CAT scan of my mouth Dr. Ganik sat down with me and carefully went over the scan and explaned all the various procedures and options available.I was very pleased with the visit and would definitley recommend Dr Ganik to a friend or family member.

The office is excellent. Staff polite, friendly and kind. The patient/dr. communication is congenial, respectful, all questions addressed thoroughly without any rush. One of the best Dr. experiences I have had.

I absolutely recommend Dr. Ganik and his staff. Not only did they get me in within a week but they got all the insurance sorted out too. Dr. Ganik is such a personable, educational and professional Doctor. He took the time to get to know me and my dental situation. He showed me what was going on, what he was going to do and how to care for my root canal afterwards. Dr. Ganik explained so much about the meds I was taking and how to combat side effects and other potential issues. I was nervous at first but he put my mind at ease. He is gentle and really goes the extra step to make you comfortable and safe. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone!!!

Long surgery with very minimal pain. Dr. Ganik seems very thorough and is very good at patient education. Office is well organized and Linda is terrific to deal with about appointments, finances, all the details. Nice folks.

dental work
The confendence i get from Dr ganik i never have to worry , He is excellent and one can rest assure not to worry ,He has done a great job with treatment of my tooth.he has an amazing assistant Extremly lovely office .

Dr. Ganik took his time and went over my case step by step, discussing all the different options that could work for me. I am very glad that I have met Dr. Ganik.

Dr Ganik is extreemly an excellent Endodontics. I am very fortunate to have found him.He does an excellent job ,he is great and takes his time to explain and makes you comfortable before procedures . I highly would recommend everyone . His assistant is also great a very nice caring person.

Great patient care.
Dr. Ganik completed my root canal, and I found him to be very focused on my comfort through what is a quite unpleasant procedure. He also was very thorough in his work and left no loose ends, so to speak. I would recommend him to anyone who seeks dental work in a peaceful environment.

Sharing my experience.
When I went I was in a lot of pain and could not chew on one side and after 2 procedures I left feeling very satisfied. I was able to eat properly again and enjoy my food. The care during and after was excellent, I would say the best care I have received so far, since moving to New York two and half years ago.

Pain free.
Dr. Ganik was great! He made sure I was comfortable and pain free (you know that’s important) before, during and after my root canal procedure. He also followed up with me in the evening to see how I was doing. Totally would go back to him if I need to.
*****Lily N

The most patient Doctor EVER!
I can not say how thankful I am! I am far from an easy patient and Dr. Ganik’s bedside manner and patience is not to be believed. He cares about your comfort and let’s you know everything he is doing. AND it didn’t even hurt! Linda was amazing as well! They work so well together. The phone call from Dr. Ganik to check on me later that evening just rounded out his amazing patient care.
*****Kelly S

Professional Excellence.
Superb. Painless. Informative. Patient-friendly. Supportive. Entirely concerned with patient well-being and comfort.

Exceptional Care,
Dr. Ganik and Linda are an exceptional team. I was referred to them for an emergency root canal, and they cleared their schedule to accommodate me immediately. The procedure was totally painless, and I’m recovering nicely. I highly recommend them!

Professional and well done.
Nobody wants a root canal. But seriously this was painless and as pleasant as possible. Dr Ganik did both of my dentist’s root canals which sold me. His office followed up with me afterwards, which was terrific. And his nurse is just lovely too.

Phenomenal experience.
Excellent job. Fast, easy, and very thorough job.

My two experiences at doctor Ganik’s office have been by far outstanding. Linda is fantastic and sets your mind at ease the moment you step thru the door. Doctor Ganik’s bed side manner is so comforting and reassuring and he is very thorough with his explanations. I am very happy with his work and highly recommend him.

Very professional. Super friendly staff. Clean, lovely office.

Surprisingly smooth procedure.
I typically have peculiar side effects to even the most benign of procedures, medications et cetera. I was forth coming with Dr. Ganik regarding my medical conditions and these previous events. He was thoroughly prepared for my procedure, took extra precautions and followed up with me twice. He explains the entire process going in to it with extreme detail and once it has occurred he tells you if something different or unanticipated occurred. So far so good though I am only week one into recovery.

Excellent service would go again and/or highly recommend

A great doctor!
Doctor Ganik is incomparably competent, thorough and accomplished. He provides detailed, easy to understand explanations and performs the most complicated procedures in a totally painless way. My experience (3 procedures) has been a very positive one, and I highly recommend him; he is a great doctor, indeed.

I was referred to Dr. Ganik by my general dentist after discovering that an infection in one of my molar, which had three roots canals done topped with a crown, was persisting and I was unable to fight it by conventional methods. Dr. Ganik, and his efficient assistant, quickly assessed the situation and provided me with a range of options explaining the pros and cons for each with realistic prognosis. For anyone, any dental treatment tends to automatically induce a certain amount of anxiety if not fear and apprehension in terms of physical and financial pain. However, Dr Ganik really went the extra mile; he was really patient, extremely customer focus to ensure that the experience is as positive and as painless as possible. This was achieved with great aplomb including diligent post operative care and follow up. One could not ask for better treatment. A great thank you and my highest recommendation.

Apicectomy Procedure.
Dr. Ganik was conscientious with my procedure. He answered all my questions, and followed up with me at home to see how I was doing after the surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. Ganik.

Many Thanks.
Had a bad toothache and other dentists wanted to pull the tooth and perhaps the one next to it. Dr. Ganik saved both of them!

My Diagnosis With Dr. Ganik.
Dr. Ganik took the time to explain to me, in precise detail, what my dental health problems were, clearly explained the resolutions, and took all the time I needed to answer my questions and discuss my concerns. An excellent experience!

Great honest dentist.
I visited Dr.Ganick for a consultation regarding some upcoming work I need to get done. Dr. Ganick is great. He thoroughly explained everything, which was comforting. It was refreshing to visit a dentist who provided me a range of options without trying to sell me anything as had been my experience in the past.

Dr Ganik provides an excellent, cutting-edge and painless treatment in a relaxed, caring and friendly atmosphere, and even gives extra attention post-treatment. Could not be better!

I had an infected root canal and Dr. Ganik explained everything in great detail before he peered down into my tooth with his hi-tech microscope. Even though he gave me two different prescriptions for antibiotics and pain, I did not require any medication at all. What a doctor, what an assistant, and what an experience!

I am fully satisfied by the excellent dental services provided by Dr. Ganik. He and his assistant Linda were prompt to respond to my dental emergency, delivered their services with extreme professionalism and diligence and treated me with kindness and consideration.

Root Canal.
Surprisingly great experience for such an icky procedure. I was terrified. But the thoughtful explanation of what was going to happen, combined with the appropriate drugs/novacaine -made for a remarkably easy 2 hours. The only thing that might have improved the experience would be entertaining banter between dr and assistant during the procedure. 😉

Meticulous, high-tech and located conveniently.
What a great experience. I was comfortable – from the moment I entered Dr. Ganik’s office, starting with his affable assistant, then to the patient chair, where he painlessly administered Novocaine with a high-tech needle, until he had finished. All his equipment was the very latest. He not only explained in clear terms what he would do, but also what I could expect in terms of an outcome. Best of all, I felt he was totally thorough.

Highly recommended. Very thorough and considerate to patients needs. Explains things in detail. He’s noticed things others haven’t. I completely trust him and will go back to him for any other procedures. In addition, new office is very nice. Great receptionist.


Absolutely pain-free. I felt that I was in the hands of an extremely skilled doctor.
Dr. Ganik is an excellent professional. He understands the anxiety of patients and addresses it well. My entire procedure was pain-free. Dr. Ganik takes the time to explain the problem and his recommended remedy, and the ramifications of not taking the suggested action before any procedure is undertaken. After the procedure, he spent the time necessary to explain what I needed to do and what I could expect. He truly cares about his patient’s health and comfort.

Endodontic surgery.
I am a big chicken when it comes to doctors but Dr Ganik made this surgery very easy for me. It went much easier then expected. I highly recomend him.

Not Terrifying At All.
I doubt there is anyone who is a bigger chicken than I am when it comes to going to a dentist; let alone going in there knowing full well that you will be getting a needle followed by root canal — something I had never gone through before, but that all my friends had warned me wouldn’t be a good experience. Well, Dr. Ganik proved them all wrong. I was a nervous wreck going into my appointment, but it really wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t even feel the needle (and I have a VERY low threshold for pain). Dr. Ganik was so gentle and such a nice guy that the root canal experience was not bad at all. But I would definitely recommend that you ask for the IPod. His staff are also extremely nice and very friendly. By the time I went in for my 2nd appointment, I wasn’t even nervous. I would absolutely positively recommend Dr. Ganik to anyone who needs a root canal done. He is such a great doctor and he actually calls you up after your appointment to make sure that you are OK!

I had an excellent experience.
Dr Ganik & his staff are very professional & sensitive to the client’s needs. I found Dr Ganik to be quite expereinced with attention to details. I would refer Dr Ganik to friends & family. Overall a great experience.

Root Canal.
Dr. Ganik was able to remove infection and administer medication to the gums.

Excellent diagnostic processes. Dr. Ganik allows you to be fully engaged in the process, and it’s a collaborative experience.

Completely satisfactory.
Dr Ganik made time for me in a super short notice, being very sympathetic to the fact that I live abroad. He made me feel very welcome, and he performed, as usual, work of highest standard in the most friendly way.
*****Maria I