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Understanding Root Canals and Endodontic Procedures

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How Does Endodontic Treatment Save the Tooth?

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Recent Reviews

Many Thanks
Had a bad toothache and other dentists wanted to pull the tooth and perhaps the one next to it. Dr. Ganik saved both of them!
***** Fred W.

My Diagnosis with Dr. Ganik
Dr. Ganik took the time to explain to me, in precise detail, what my dental health problems were, clearly explained the resolutions, and took all the time I needed to answer my questions and discuss my concerns. An excellent experience!
***** Eric K.

Great Honest Dentist
I visited Dr.Ganik for a consultation regarding some upcoming work I need to get done. Dr. Ganik is great . He thoroughly explained everything, which was comforting . It was refreshing to visit a dentist who provided me a range of options without trying to sell me anything as had been my experience in the past.
***** Wendy B.

Excellent – Could not be better!
Dr Ganik provides an excellent, cutting-edge and painless treatment in a relaxed, caring and friendly atmosphere, and even gives extra attention post-treatment.
***** Jerry C.

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