Advanced Technologies

Our Advanced Endodontics of New York ® office is equipped with state of the art, advanced technology, including 3D Imaging, a co-observation operating microscope, computerized digital radiography (up to 90% reduction in radiation), photographic and video documentation equipment for patient education and case presentations. Nitrous oxide is readily available and I.V. sedation, when required, is provided by a certified anesthesiologist. Upon completion of endodontic care, patents are reminded to return to their dentists for the completion of their dental care.

Today’s technology affords us an unprecedented success rate in salvaging teeth that were previously deemed hopeless. The practice continuously incorporates the latest materials and technology that have been proven to enhance patients’ well being. All materials used are FDA approved and all instruments are sterilized in strict compliance with OSHA standards. This level of quality assurance is the hallmark of this office.

  • GentleWave ®
  • 3D Imaging
  • Digital Radiography
  • Microscope with Co-Observation and Digital Documentation
  • IV Conscious Sedation
  • DentalVibe ®

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This tool, the DentalVibe, has taken away any sort of fear I have of injections. I just had two teeth that were worn thin numbed and repaired by my dentist. They were the very front top teeth, the most painful place for an injection in the mouth, and I DID NOT FEEL IT! Great job! Thank you.

***** Jim Z

This new technology is mind blowing. I will never be scared of the dentist again.

***** Alexis A

I was amazed at how wonderful the DentalVibe worked. I felt absolutely no pain at all from the injection. I will tell my friends and family how impressed I was with my dental visit. Thanks for a product that actually does what is says it will do!

***** Tammy

I was skeptical at first and really expected to feel the usual sting of the local anesthetic injection. I was pleasantly surprised that I felt nothing outside of the DentalVibe… The sensation of the vibration is nothing compared to the discomfort of an injection. All dentists should have this and all patients should ask for it!

***** Karen B

I was asked if they could try this new DentalVibe tool at my dental appointment. I said okay but didn’t expect much. I was poised and ready for the stab of pain in a sensitive spot, but it never came. There was a feeling of a slight touch, but that was after the needle was in and he was twisting it to the right spot. I want this any time I need dental work. I actually like my dentist now. Thank you!

***** Kris M.

DentalVibe ® Reviews